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Thermostrip DC

Temperature Tape for Drying and Curing

Textile strips are a range of temperature test strips specifically developed for the textile industry that permanently record the highest bracketed temperature reached by the label. These heat indicators are designed for use within the textile bonding process. The individual temperature settings will permanently change color to indicate the temperature achieved.


Individual strip with 5 temperature events
Eight (8) temperature sets
Permanent color change from silver to black
Use in dry applications


Heat Indicator for Curing, Lamination &Web Processes | Temperature Testing During Fusing | Temperature Evidence During Screen Printing & Textile | Processing | UV Ink Temperature Reaction Analysis and Curing


Range: 99°F to 500°F |37°C to 290°C
Accuracy: Set 1 & 2 Tolerance: ±2°F | Set 1 & 2 Tolerance: ±1°C \ Set 3 & 4 Tolerance: ±3°F | Set 1 & 2 Tolerance: ±1°C \ Set 5 to 8 Tolerance: ±7°F | Set 1 & 2 Tolerance: ±1°C
Size: 0.4 in to 2.2 in | 10 mm x 56 mm
Adhesive: Self-adhesive label

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