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HemoTemp® II Blood Bag Indicators



HemoTemp® II indicators are reversible/irreversible liquid crystal blood bag temperature indicators which offer the time and temperature history of the blood unit. After activation, the irreversible portion will change color from blue to a non-blue color as the blood temperature increases and as time passes. Once the indicator has lost its blue color, it will not return to its original color even if the blood unit is re-cooled. This ensures the user of the time and temperature history of the unit.

The color of the activated indicator is dependent on product temperature, the time at that temperature, the size or mass of the sample, and the heat transfer characteristics of the sample container. Because the color change of HemoTemp II indicators is affected by the same variables that affect the time/temperature sensitive blood bag, these indicators will monitor the temperature history.

The HemoTemp II blood bag indicators are attached to the outside of the blood bag, where they can be easily seen and monitored by blood bank staff. If an indicator shows that a blood bag has been exposed to temperatures outside the recommended range, the blood bank staff can take appropriate action to ensure the safety and quality of the blood product.

The reversible portion of the indicator provides a continuous temperature monitoring, allowing for an easy-to-read check of the current temperature of the blood between 1°C and 9°C.



Additional Documents

HemoTemp II Manual

Activator Operations Manual


How to Read

Irreversible Color Temperature Interpretation

Interpretation of the irreversible indicator depends on the presence or absence of blue color. See “USERS GUIDE” for additional information.

Reversible Color Temperature Interpretation

TAN: Temperature is in the lower portion of the indicated range.

GREEN: Temperature is in the middle of the indicated range.

BLUE: Temperature is in the higher portion of the indicated range. If no numbers are visible, the temperature is above 9°C or below 1°C. HemoTemp® Il indicator should not be used as the sole indication of clinical acceptability of blood for patient infusion. Use it as part of a good overall blood temperature monitoring program.

3 Products

HemoTemp II Activator

HemoTemp II Activator

HemoTemp II (Case – 5 boxes of 40)

HemoTemp II (Case – 5

HemoTemp II (Box of 40)

HemoTemp II (Box of 4