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Impact Indicators - RFID

Optimize Your Business with SpotSee's RFID-Enabled Indicators: Reduce Damage by 40-60%

Enhance the efficiency of your logistics with SpotSee's package monitoring solutions, proven to cut damage rates by 40-60%. Minimizing damage translates to fewer repair or replacement costs, reduced delays, minimal operational disruptions, and decreased claims filings, ultimately contributing to an improved business reputation. SpotSee offers proactive tools like ShockWatch RFID tags, featuring field-armable and tamper-proof technology. These tags turn red upon impact beyond a specified g-force threshold, providing real-time alerts. The RFID technology allows remote reading, eliminating the need for line of sight and enabling placement inside boxes, crates, or packages for seamless monitoring during transit or storage. Invest in SpotSee's monitoring solutions to spend less time remedying negative events and more time optimizing your business operations.

6 Products

ShockWatch RFID 5G & Ring Label (Pink)

SW RFID 5G & RingLbl

ShockWatch RFID 75G & Ring Label (Orange)

SW RFID 75G & RingLbl

ShockWatch RFID 15G & Ring Label (Blue)

SWRFID 15G & RingLbl

ShockWatch RFID 25G & Ring Label (Yellow)

SWRFID 25G & RingLbl

ShockWatch RFID 10G & Ring Label (Teal)

SWRFID 10G & RingLbl

ShockWatch RFID 37G & Ring Label (Purple)

SWRFID 37G & RingLbl