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SpotCheck Reversible Temperature Indicators

SpotCheck reversible temperature indicators offer a quick and clear visual signal of the current temperature an object is experiencing. As the temperature rises, the large indicator circle changes color from blue to green to a brownish red. This color change is reversible, so when the temperature decreases, the indicator will revert through the same colors in reverse order.

The advantage of these stoplight labels is the immediate visual identification of whether an object's temperature is within the target range. While these ranges can be customized for specific needs or applications, the current labels are available in two standard scales:

2-8°C: This range is ideal for refrigerated products, such as pharmaceuticals that must be kept cool but not frozen to maintain their efficacy.

Blue below 2°C - Green between 2-8°C- Red above 8°C

15-25°C: This range is suitable for products that need to be kept at room temperature.

Blue below 15°C - Green between 15-25°C- Red above 25°C

With SpotCheck indicators, you can easily ensure that your products are stored at the correct temperature, maintaining their quality and effectiveness

2 Products

SpotCheck 15°C to 25°C - Pack of 50

SpotCheck (15-25C)

SpotCheck 2°C to 8°C - Pack of 50

SpotCheck (2-8C)