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ColdChain Complete

SpotSee's ColdChain Complete offers a cost-effective and reliable solution designed to monitor temperature-sensitive products effectively. Our single-use visual indicators provide accurate and irreversible evidence of temperature excursions, empowering our customers to monitor both cold and hot temperature variations. The ColdChain Complete series comes in two formats - ColdChain Complete and the compact ColdChain Complete XS.

Key Features

Enhanced Cold Chain Protection: Fortify your cold chain packaging solution to withstand unexpected transit challenges.
Irreversible Evidence: Deliver conclusive proof of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions.
Efficacy Validation: Validate your cold chain and ensure product efficacy through precise time-over-temperature monitoring.
Visual Peace of Mind: The visual indication offers peace of mind for all cold chain applications, without a unique processes or software.


Floral: Ensure the freshness and integrity of delicate flowers during transportation.
Specimens: Safeguard the integrity of biological specimens with reliable temperature monitoring.
Chocolate: Preserve the quality of chocolate products by monitoring and maintaining optimal temperatures.
Tissue Samples: Maintain the integrity of tissue samples with precise temperature control.
Pharmaceutical: Safeguard pharmaceutical products by monitoring and ensuring consistent temperature conditions.
Meal Delivery: Ensure the safety and quality of meal deliveries through continuous temperature monitoring.
Raw and Cooked Meats: Maintain the freshness and safety of meat products during transport.
Chemicals: Protect the integrity of chemical products by monitoring temperature excursions.


Temperature Accuracy: ±2°F | ±1°C for freeze and warm indicators
Storage Conditions: Store in dark environment between 59°F and 77°F | 15°C and 25°C, 35-55% RH
Shelf Life: 1 year
Arming Method: Freeze Indicator: none / Warm Indicator: Pull-tab
Mounting Method:
ColdChain Complete: place indicator as close to the product being monitored as possible.
ColdChain Complete XS: adhere or place indicator as product being monitored as possible.

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