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Thermostrip DL

p>Thermostrip DS is a single-use irreversible color-changing indicator strip that tests the temperature of the water in your dishwasher and is designed to be dated, initialed and affixed to the wash batch record. Slotted strips ensure that the indicator is secured onto a utensil or tray, reducing the risk of the strip falling off during a wash cycle yet easily removed and attached to the batch record.

A fast, simple temperature monitoring system based on Proprietary color change technology

- Inexpensive and Easy to Use

- Immediate Response

- Permanent Record of Highest Temperature

- Oil, Water and Steam Resistant



- Remove and Retain as a Permanent Record of Attained Temperature

- Permanent Change From Orange to Black



Commercial Dishwasher Surface and Water Temperature Disinfection Indicators Providing Proof of HACCP Compliance



Temperature range:  160ºF to 180ºF | 71ºC to 82ºC
Color Change: Silver to Black
Size: 4" x 0.5" | 10.16 cm x 1.27 cm
Type: Horizontal
Scale: ºF and ºC 



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