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Temperature/Humidity Recorders

SpotSee’s temperature data logging solutions provide accurate recording of temperature situations for when every degree matters. 


MaxiLog Alert and MaxiLog Alert -80C
MaxiLog Alert series combines robust temperature monitoring with simple data retrieval via a built-in USB interface with direct download to software. Available for standard and low-temperature monitoring, these single and multi-use loggers are complete with options to customize start time delay, sampling intervals, high and low alarm values, alarm type, and measurement data.


MaxiLog PDF
A single-use, 90-day temperature data logger with USB connectivity and PDF reports. This pre-programmed logger has a standard start delay of 30 minutes to allow the logger to adjust to the internal temperatures of the cargo being shipped. This unit is ideal to fit inside small packages and automatically downloads the data to a graph summary upon plug-in.



Biologics | Vaccines | Chemicals | Pharmaceuticals | Food | Ultra-frozen products | Life Sciences



Recording Type: Single Use | Multi-Use
Temperature Range: 
-20°F to +162°F | -29°C to +72°C 
-113°F to +86°F | -80°C to +30°C
-22°F to +158°F | -30°C to +70°C
Data Storage Capacity: 8K data points (8070) | 14K data points (14400)
Data Sampling Interval: 2 seconds to 36 hours | 10 Minutes
Alarm Programming: Programmable high and low limits. Alarm triggered when limits are exceeded for specified time period. | Alarm triggered when limits exceeded. 
3.5 in (l) x 1.38 in (w) x 0.62 in (h) | 8.8 cm (l) x 3.49 cm (w) x 1.58 cm (h) 
3.7 in (l) x 0.8 in (w) x 0.27 in (h) | 94 mm (h) x 20 mm (w) x 7 mm (h) 
3.0 oz | 65 g 
0.37 oz. | 10.6 g 


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Download the MDAS software to read and configure the devices.

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MaxiLog PDF

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