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SpotBot 4G Plus - Connected Monitoring via Cell and WiFi Networks

The SpotBot® 4G Plus is the ideal solution for connecting you to your supply chain - connecting globally to cellular networks, as well as WiFi to give you visibility of our assets location and conditions. Delivering tri-axial impact, temperature, and humidity monitoring along with location tracking, the SpotBot connects you to your assets via the SpotSee Cloud. Login to see the status of your shipment and receive alerts throughout its journey. 

The device combines GPS technology with proximity sensing of WiFi signals (WiFi sniffing) and cellular towers to track the location of shipments and the conditions they experience in transit. Cellular and WiFi connection provide transit and location information, and pin-points where and when damage may have occured due to temperature excursion, humidity or shock.



Supply chain transparency
Access to information through a secure, dedicated web portal
Accurate reporting of unacceptable conditions
Custom, timely alerts of changing conditions of your shipment
Measures impacts between 3.5 and 100G



Life Sciences | Automotive | Electronics | Power Generation | Aerospace | Medical Devices



Alarm Messages: Immediate Notification
Connectivity: 4G LTE-M, WiFi
Location: GPS, Nearest Cell Tower, Nearest WiFi
Dimensions: 5in x 1.5in x 1.8in | 131 mm x 39 mm x 46 mm
Weight: 6.7 oz | 189 gm
Mounting Options: Screw Mount / Adhesive / Magnetic Feet (Optional)
Battery Type: Lithium Battery Pack
Battery Life (at reporting intervals): 1 hour/1 year | 2 hours/2 years | 4 hours/3.5 years | 8 hours/5 years | 12 hours/6 years  | 24 hours/7 years


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