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Connected Condition Monitors

Solutions For Supply Chain, Logistics and Life Science Applications

SpotSee offers a comprehensive suite of connected impact, location, temperature, and humidity monitors, providing businesses with a cutting-edge solution for monitoring and safeguarding their valuable assets and shipments. These monitors are designed to address the diverse needs of industries ranging from logistics and supply chain management to manufacturing and quality control.

We offer monitoring solutions that are connected via cellular, satellite and RFID technologies. Check out the various solutions available today!

24 Products

298 ShockLog w/Ext H&T

298 ShockLog w/ExtH&T

298 ShockLog Unit(all filters)

298 ShockLog Unit

248 ShockLog 30g 90Hz w/ Ext H

248 ShockLog 30g w/HT

248 ShockLog 30g 20Hz

248 ShockLog 30g 20Hz

248 ShockLog 10g 20Hz

248 ShockLog 10g 20Hz

ShockLog 248 -10G 15HZ


248 ShockLog 10g 40Hz

248 ShockLog Base

ShockLog 298/248 Accessory Kit

SL 298/248 Acc Kit