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ShockLog iButton Set

SKU: SL31740


Set of ShockLog iButtons:

  • ShockLog Start iButton
  • ShockLog Stop iButton
  • ShockLog Download iButton
  • ShockLog Set-up iButton
  • ShockLog Clock iButton



The complete Set of ShockLog iButtons, This set includes five essential iButtons, each designed to serve a specific function, ensuring precise control and seamless management of your ShockLog devices.

  1. ShockLog Start iButton: Activate and initiate your ShockLog device with using the Start iButton. Use this button to commence data collection and monitoring processes, ensuring accuracy from the very beginning.
  2. ShockLog Stop iButton: Take control of your ShockLog device with the Stop iButton. This essential component allows you to halt monitoring when needed, providing convenience and efficiency in managing your ShockLog operations.
  3. ShockLog Download iButton: Streamline your data retrieval process with the Download iButton. Effortlessly extract valuable data from your ShockLog device for in-depth analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights.
  4. ShockLog Set-up iButton: Simplify the configuration process with the Set-up iButton.
  5. ShockLog Clock iButton: Maintain precise time synchronization for accurate event tracking using the Clock iButton.

Enhance the functionality of your ShockLog monitoring system with this Set of ShockLog iButtons. Each iButton is crafted with precision and reliability in mind, empowering you to monitor, manage, and analyze your valuable data with confidence.