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These self-adhesive labels consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements containing microencapsulated Thermochromic Liquid Crystal, TLC, coated on a black backing. Each element changes color distinctly as its rated temperature is reached.

Digi-Temp® color changes are reversible, passing through the colors of the spectrum in sequence (orange, yellow, green, and blue) before turning black at a higher temperature. The TLC strips are calibrated so that the indicator showing green indicates the actual temperature. The color changes are reversible, and the reflected colors will be observed in the reverse order upon cooling.

Digi-Temp EZ is a single color change that is reversible, attaining and maintaining the reflected color and turns black as the temperature is reversed. Thermochromic single-color change labels can be ascending or descending, changing from black to a color, as temperature increases or decreases.



Single or Multi-Color Change 
Continuous Temperature Display 
Wide Temperature Range 
Custom Available 
No Batteries 



Forehead & Nursery | Fridge & Acquarium Thermometers | Gas Level Indicators | Overheat Indicators | Food | Medical | Pharmaceutical | Manufacturing | HVAC 



Range: -22°F to 248°F | -30°C to 120°C
Adhesive Tape: Double-Coated Adhesive Tape 
Covering Film: Polyester 5 mil stock
Color Change Material: Non-toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters


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