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Thermochromic Technologies

Thermochromic Products predominantly change color in response to temperature fluctuations. There are two primary types of Thermochromics: Liquid Crystals and Leuco Dyes. The most famous Thermochromic application, the “mood” ring of the 1970’s, was a Liquid Crystal.

Today, Liquid Crystals are used in many products, including forehead thermometers, room and refrigeration thermometers, and other applications including food quality indicators. While Liquid Crystal Thermochromics are extremely capable materials, they are difficult to work with and require highly specialized manufacturing techniques.

The other type of Thermochromic is called a Leuco Dye. It is commonly used in manufacturing and control processes, advertising, consumer packaging, product labels, security printing, novelty applications such as temperature sensitive plastics and mugs, promotional items, toys, and textiles. Thermochromic Permanent Change Ink is a high temperature activated, permanent change pigment used in metalworking, annealing, welding, and riveting for quality purposes.



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