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12" x 12" Liquid Crystal Sheet (35-36°C) with Adhesive Backing



12" x 12" LC SHEET 35-36°C WITH ADHESIVE Backing

Ready to use 12" x 12" polyester sheets coated with liquid crystal. Adhesive backed.

Thermochromic Liquid Crystals are optically active mixtures of organic chemicals that can be temperature-sensitive and change colors. Liquid Crystals start black below their temperature range, go through the colors of a rainbow, then rotate back to black, above the temperature range. Liquid Crystal is reversible so they can be used repeatedly.

Liquid Crystal Sheets are ready-to-use 12” x 12” size polyester sheets coated with liquid crystal that change color as temperature increases. The color of these sheets change from black to red, red to green, green to blue, and finally to black. These sheets exhibit the characteristics of liquid crystal thermometers and are suitable for research, education, and non-destructive testing.