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298 ShockLog Unit with Tilt and Roll


298 ShockLog Unit


ShockLog 298 Impact Recorder & Data Logger

ShockLog® 298 monitors and records shock, vibration, and environmental conditions experienced by any type of structure or equipment, whether in use, in transit, or in storage. With the capacity to record data for 870 events and 262,000-time slots, the device alerts you whenever damage may have occurred so you can respond promptly.

Optional sensors extend the value of your ShockLog by providing more intelligence about your environmental journey:

Option to build temperature/humidity sensor into unit, or add a temperature/pressure/humidity accessory sensor.
Cellular module for real-time, out-of-tolerance condition notifications via ShockLog Cellular module.
GPS module records positioning for every event and summary interval via ShockLog Satellite module.
Tilt and Roll includes a record of tilt and roll data.
Real-time reporting of unacceptable conditions allows you to take action before the final delivery is made. Both the ShockLog Cellular and ShockLog Satellite solutions provide alerts of unacceptable conditions and report alarm conditions to the SpotSee Cloud.

The ShockLog 298 data logger combined with the ShockLog Cellular module provides notifications and location when alarm thresholds are exceeded and summary information during the journey.

The ShockLog Satellite module with GPS is another option for real-time notification and location information.. When shipments are traveling in remote areas and cellular networks are not available, the ShockLog Satellite is a valuable solution for logistics managers. With it, you can pinpoint when potentially damaging events happened and hold the right parties accountable.

If real-time notifications are not needed, condition reports can be transferred from the ShockLog 298 impact recorders to the ShockLog software with a USB connection or a transport report can be pulled from the unit over the iButton® interface.

Option to build temperature/humidity sensor into unit, or add a temperature/pressure/humidity accessory sensor
Captures coordinates when event occurs at summary intervals with GPS (optional)
GPS allows users, through hyperlinks, to pinpoint the exact location of an event and summary with the use of Google Maps (optional)

While equipment is shipped and installed around the world, either the SpotSee Cloud or the ShockLog software provides valuable insight into the conditions your product encounters and your carriers’ actual handling practices. With these insights, you can make informed decisions regarding practices to improve your supply chain.


ShockLog 298 Impact Recorder: Heavy Equipment Needs Care, Too

Heavy equipment seems indestructible. But, impacts, vibrations, temperature and humidity can cause even the most durable machinery to go out of calibration, increase wear on parts and, ultimately break down. It’s as true for mining equipment as it is for wind turbines and medical MRI scanners.

Knowing about issues before they occur requires data. There are three times when this is important: during shipping, during storage, and during operation.

The ShockLog 298 impact recorder provides the information managers and repair technicians need to verify equipment is undamaged and remains in top operating condition.

Impact data loggers monitor handling conditions to alert maintenance professionals to the potential for damage even before the equipment is installed. This data logger records impacts on the X, Y, and Z axes noting not just the direction of the impact but the amplitude, and duration of the impact. During shipping or storage, this information helps determine whether equipment was, for example, rammed by a forklift or dropped on a loading dock. When products are susceptible to extreme transport vibrations, the ShockLog 298 can provide vibration measurement as well as impact information.

For some equipment tilt and roll can jeopardize product quality. ShockLog 298 records that, too. Refrigerators, freezers and any product with a compressor pump are examples of products that are sensitive to tilt and roll.

Comprehensive Impact Data Logger Even Records Temperature, Pressure, Humidity
This shock monitor also records the equipment’s internal temperature, so you can chart operating conditions. An optional temperature/humidity or temperature/pressure/humidity sensor can be added for deeper insights.

Large, heavy equipment, regardless of industry, needs protection from impact, vibrations and, sometimes, pressure, temperature, and humidity. ShockLog 298 can alert you to suboptimal conditions before they become critical. This early warning is an important factor in optimizing operations and minimizing down-time.

Data Loggers with the Connectivity You Need
The ShockLog 298 shock data logger records up to 870 events and 262,000 time slots, and offers real-time alerts with the ShockLog Cellular module. Otherwise, condition reports can be transferred easily with either a USB connection of the iButton® on the data logger.

The ShockLog Satellite module with GPS is another option. With it, you can pinpoint when potentially damaging events happened and hold the right parties accountable. As equipment is shipped and installed around the world, this capability provides valuable insight into your carriers’ actual practices and the conditions your products encounter.

To learn more about how ShockLog 298 can help you improve your operations, contact us.

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