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WarmMark Mini Ascending Time-Temperature Indicator (25C/77F)

SKU: WM 25/77-SB

WM 8C/46F - 1 Window

(*) Minimum Quantity: 200


WarmMark Mini is a single-use, ascending time-temperature indicator which alerts users of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions.

The WarmMark is available in the following temperature sensitivities:

  • 8°C / 46° F
  • 25°C / 77°F


Enhance Cold Chain Logistics using WarmMark Mini Time Temperature Indicators.

Shipping to hot climates can cause irreversible damage to temperature-sensitive products. Even mild temperatures like those experienced on a tarmac or in a mailbox can be detrimental. Various products such as pharmaceuticals, medical tests, chemicals, food, wine, and flowers are vulnerable to heat-related harm.

In the case of pharmaceuticals, medical samples, and assays, the consequences can be catastrophic. Safe therapeutics can transform into harmful substances, rendering critical medical samples useless. Even medications typically stored at room temperature, like insulin and aspirin, can lose effectiveness when exposed to excessive heat.

The implications are especially significant for therapeutics and medical tests. Compromised assays or samples due to heat can lead to widespread inaccuracies, resulting in false positives and false negatives. As the development of medications and vaccines continues, many of them will require precise temperature-controlled handling.

Contact SpotSee to learn how time temperature indicators can help you improve your cold chain management practices.

Case Studies


  • Test specimens
  • Biologics
  • Test kits
  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tissue samples
  • Floral
  • Meal delivery
  • Chocolate
  • Raw and cooked meats
  • Chemicals
  • Paint


Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C / ±2°F

Storage Conditions: Store in a dry environment below response temperature for optimal shelf life

Shelf Life: Two years from date of sale

Product Numbers

WarmMark -18°C / 0°F

WM -18/0

WarmMark 0°C / 32°F

WM 0/32

WarmMark 5°C / 41°F

WM 5/41

WarmMark 8°C / 46°F

WM 8/46

WarmMark 10°C / 50°F

WM 10/50

WarmMark 20°C / 68°F

WM 20/68

WarmMark 25°C / 77°F

WM 25/77

WarmMark 30°C / 86°F

WM 30/86

WarmMark 37°C / 99°F

WM 37/99