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SpotSee Ready Stick

SKU: 7125NDP240

SpotSee Ready Stick

(*) Minimum Quantity: 240


Ready Stick 71°C / 160°F

Sold in Packs of 240. Price by individual indicator.


Sold in Packs of 240. Price by individual indicator.

Introducing ReadyStick disposable thermometer sticks - your ultimate tool for prioritizing safety in food service settings. Caterers and food service professionals rely on Ready Stick to ensure that food reaches the appropriate temperatures, effectively eliminating harmful bacteria before serving.

ReadyStick has a unique color-changing tip, transitioning from white to black once the internal food temperature hits 160°F. With a simple insertion into the food being checked, temperature verification takes just 5 seconds.

These versatile thermometers aren't limited to food alone; they can also be utilized in utensil sterilization within dishwashers, providing a reliable method to confirm proper temperature attainment.

Each ReadyStick serves as a single-use thermometer, offering convenience and peace of mind in maintaining stringent hygiene standards. Additionally, they can be retained as permanent temperature evidence records. Stay proactive in ensuring food safety with ReadyStick disposable thermometer sticks.